If your new home needs renovating or construction work, CASAMBIENTE is more than happy tocoordinate the building work and to oversee your project to a successful finish. We have a reliable network of architects, construction firms, craftsmen, specialist suppliers and many more. It is our job tomonitor and supervise the construction work at your site and to push it ahead efficiently on your behalf. We would like to be your local troubleshooter allowing you to concentrate on other projects.

In particular, Casambiente specializes in the construction of energy-efficient houses and offers various possibilities. You can find more detailed information under the heading “Sustainable Houses”.


  • We will take the time to discuss your detailed wishes on a personal basis
  • We will consult you in the choice of typical building materials and methods to match traditional building styles as well as other suitable materials for your project
  • We are also happy to detail how new technologies and trends in alternative energy solutions may be applied to your home, if you are interested
  • We will personally accompany you to on-site inspections, together with the architect or geometra, and will act as interpreter, mediator and/or consultant
  • We will regularly check the progress of your construction project through site inspections and will ensure successful completion of the works as planed by you
  • We will regularly consult with both the architect / geometra and the construction company to ensure a smooth progress of work
  • We will support and consult you in the price negotiations and all other covenants to ensure a stable footing for your construction project
  • We will carry out an in-depth report once a month, including digital photography, on details and construction progress
  • We will organize the transfer of all services and amenities to the new owner based on a power of attorney
  • We will facilitate the settlement of payments and invoices between you, as the new home-owner, and third parties

CASAMBIENTE can also help you with the interior design and landscape gardening working with its team of skilled and professional partners:

  • We will accompany you to the craft shops, interior design and specialist shops
  • We will support you with all the contracts
  • We will organise and supervise the delivery of the goods and the installation