For sellers


Selling your home

If you have decided to sell your property, CASAMBIENTE is the professional partner you can count on.


  • Together we will inspect the property or estate to be sold
  • We will provide a detailed analysis of the current property market and will compile a list of similar properties on offer for comparison purposes
  • We will provide advice on the fair market value of your property
  • We will prepare a set of attractive photographs of your property and will publish these on our website and on our partners’ internet portals, here and abroad
  • We will draft an equally professional and appealing write-up to accompany the photography on our website
  • We will personally present your property to suitable list of clientèle from our client database
  • We personally accompany all interested clients when visiting and presenting your property
  • We will report regularly on progress made and the feedback we have received from clients on your property
  • We will provide you with professional services and support from the offer letter right through to the preliminary and final contract, especially with respect to:1. Support in acquiring all necessary legal and technical documents for the “compromesso” (or “contratto preliminare”) and the notarial contract. If required, we will engage a notary, a geometer or, where appropriate, a tax consultant on your behalf.2. Support in drafting and negotiating the preliminary contract

    3. Making sure that all required documents are up-to-date and complete for the notarial contract

    4. Providing you with a realistic estimate of all costs, up to and including the final sales deed

    5. Representing you, if desired, with power of attorney at the signing of the notarial contract


Below we have listed the fees and expenses that you will need to take into account in the sales process:

  • Translator’s fees, if any
  • Consultancy fees of a geometer, if any
  • Consultancy fees of a tax consultant, if any
  • Estate agency commission: Casambiente charges 3% on the effective sales price (subject to a minimum of € 3.000,00 for properties valued at less than € 100.000,00) plus VAT
  • Legal fees in the case of complex agreements where there is a need for drafting highly specific covenants


In order to sell your property, you will need the following up-to-date documents available:

  • The original purchase contract (atto di provenienza)
  • The building permits (concessioni edilizie/permessi di costruire), if construction work was carried out on the property
  • The inspection certificate from the cadastral office (visure catastali)
  • The cadastral plan (mappa catastale) of the building
  • The cadastral plan (mappa catastale) of the property
  • Any inquiries into the rights of first refusal (e.g. by neighbouring owners) and their waivers, if necessary (diritto di prelazione dei confinanti)
  • The certificate on the classification of the property under urban development regulations (CDU –Certificato di Destinazione Urbanistica)
  • The “Certificato di agibilitá” (if the building was restored) i.e. the certificate that electricity, gas and water installations conform to civil and public standards
  • Any documents with respect to a change in civil status, such as a divorce, a death or an inheritance certificate or such like, in the case that the property was jointly purchased with a spouse
  • New parcelling (frazionamento) and/or urbanisation of a rural property (accatastamento) if necessary
  • Energy certificate (agreement with the buyer/notary)
  • Mortgage details, if any

Please contact us for more information.