Casale Spadolaccia

M3131 Casale Spadolaccia 7
€425.000,00 - Country Properties

Casale Spadolaccia, a charming authentic stone house with secondary accommodation to restore,…

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Casa delle Colline

3170 Casa delle Colline16
Building projects
€120.000,00 - Country Properties, Historical Centre

Casa delle Colline is an old stone house for sale, situated in…

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Casale Il Dipinto

4139 Casale Il Dipinto (2)
€550.000,00 - Country Properties

Casale Il Dipinto is a beautifully restored ancient tower for sale, situated…

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Piccola Oasi

3210 Piccola Oasi (1)
€590.000,00 - Country Properties

In the most charming location, with beautiful views of the countryside surrounding…

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